About Richard

“Crawford writes with a certain ease, showing a world where the strange is considered normal” —Tangent Online

History’s greatest monster” —A. Lee Martinez

Richard S. Crawford, that master of making the weird weirder. –Sharon Cousins

A picture of Richard
A picture of Richard

Richard S. Crawford is a writer and web developer who lives in an appropriately ancient and drafty house in Sacramento, California. In his time Richard has worked as a video store clerk, a barista, a secretary, a street actor at the Renaissance Faire, and a number of other jobs all leading up to the glamorous and jet setting life as a full time Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP developer. He holds a degree in Philosophy from UC Davis, and isn’t afraid to use it.

For a list of Richard’s publishing credits and random fiction, click here.

For Richard’s professional resume, click here.  Any job offers will have to be awfully tempting, though. He loves his current job and only plans to leave it boots first.