People are starting to come back to their senses…

…although Texas has shown us that it’s still possible to slide backwards while other places are starting to move in a more rational direction. I know I have at least two friends who live in that state, and all I can say is, “Why?!!?” I mean, I know they both have life situations which sort of limit their options, but doesn’t being an intelligent person in that state sort of hurt, kind of like being a deep sea angler fish suddenly brought up to live in a tide pool?

At any rate, though, the real test won’t be until 2006 when the midterm Congressional elections hit. I’m cautiously optimistic that we’ll be able to get some balance and sanity back in our national government by then.

Democrats Win Gov. Races in N.J., Va. – Yahoo! News

One thought on “People are starting to come back to their senses…”

  1. Actually – and I’m a bleeding republican – sorry – Texas made some aweome votes this last time around… banning all that gay couple recognized union crap. Thank God. I drive a pick’em’up truck with four shotguns in the back. And thank my lucky days we can carry firearms in our trucks again. Oh – the Democrat victories? They just got the seats they *already* had. Viva la Bush. Take that how you will….

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