Coffee.  Lots and lots and lots of coffee.  The caffeine and the albuterol (lots and lots of that, too) seem to be shoving the neurons back to life for a bit.  But anyway it’s time to stop kidding myslf.

Jennifer’s on her way home now. I hope to god she makees it.  Bt I wont be here because I’m leaving the house so she cna be safe when she gets herr. In case she doesnt Ive done the follwing:

1. Cleaned out the cats littr boxxswe.

2. Put waterr into several large bowls so they have drinking watr. I also left the taps on but who knows how long they’l last..

3. poured the bag of dry cat food on the flor in the librry so the cats have access to the food

4. put out lots of goohsy food.

If Jenffrer doesnt come home, somone pleas come and see to the catss.  Theyyy shoul,d  be fine and mbyye Jan’s right and they are are salvation

Okay I’m going outside now and ging to get as fr as I can frm the house befor the worttst happens.

I love you Jennifer


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