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Last week I also watched Ghost Rider.  Not a whole lot to recommend that film, except the visuals and the sound track.  Who can’t love a shot like this:

Ghost Riders

One Ghost Rider on a motorcycle, and another — played by Sam Elliot! — on a horse.  I wish I could find a desktop wallpaper version of that shot; it would be awesome.

I also enjoyed the music that was playing at the time that this shot was on screen: Spiderbait’s cover of Johnny Cash’s "Ghost Riders in the Sky".  I love the original song; the cover is decent, but a great accompaniment to this particular shot.

Other than that, there’s not a whole lot to this movie.

2 thoughts on “More Movie Goodness”

  1. I actually kinda liked this flick. Of course my expectations are lower anymore. The scene with the two Ghost Riders was awesome until they finally get there and Sam Elliot’s character is done. Huh!? WTF did he even bother going along for if he wasn’t at least going to do the obligatory suicidal act for redemption of his soul that usually happens to the older-wiser-but-damned mentor character.

    1. I was also incredibly disappointed by the end of that ride. But at least we got to see that awesome scene; and my friend Jan (a fortunate survivor of last Wednesday’s apocalypse) found me a nice desktop wallpaper, which inspires me even as I speak.

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