Writing about Writing?

Since I started taking my writing seriously back in 2003, I’ve only published six stories (but gotten a heck of a lot of rejection slips), so I’m not sure I have a lot of writerly cred; at the same time, though, I feel like I’ve learned at least a little bit, and have some insight into how stories work and how good writing, in general, is done.

So my question to you all is, is it plausible for me to think that I have enough credibility as a writer to write a series of essays about writing technique, and have them taken seriously?

2 thoughts on “Writing about Writing?”

  1. Absolutely!
    If you’ve learned anything it’s worth passing on. For example, you may think six stories isn’t that much, but for me with my humble one, it’s pretty impressive. And of course, your inexperience will give you insight that you’ll miss once you’ve published hundreds.

    Have you checked out Mur Lafferty’s I should be writing podcast? The tagline: “A podcast by a wanna-be writer for wanna-be writers. Let my stack of rejection letters and battle scars benefit you.”

    1. Thanks for the boost. I’m still pondering a couple of possible essays.

      Mur’s podcast is one of my favorites. I haven’t listed for awhile, since I’m catching up on a podiobook or two, but I’ve been listening to ISBW pretty much since she started.

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