Five Question Meme — Answers for Ed Gyles Jr.

Same as the others, but I’m not posting the rules this time.  If you care, you already know what the rules are.

My answers to Ed Gyles Jr.’s questions beneath the fold.

1. What have you always wanted to do, but have been too afraid to do yet?

Hm.  There’s a whole host of answers to that question and if I spent too much time on it, I’d just get depressed.  So I’m going to answer with the first thing that pops into my head.  And because it’s you who posed this question, my answer is something to do with the stage: either audition for a Shakespeare play, or try my hand at an improv comedy show (like the "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" pastiches at Dragon*Con).

2. How would you handle fame and celebrity?

I like to think that I would handle it with quiet dignity, good grace, and by buying everyone a beer.

3. Would mankind be doomed if there were zombie kittens?

Without a doubt, yes.  The more susceptible among  us would be taken in by the fact that, despite the rot and the decomposition and the maggots, they are still cute kittens.  And when they get close, that’s when they eat our brains.

4. Do all of the major religions ultimately revere the same God?

Nope.  The God that I believe exists is a benevolent and loving Creator God, interested in mankind’s redemption and recovering the schism between himself and his creation (or herself and her creation).  God is, then, a positive force.  To the extent that a religion reveres a concept of God like this one, then yes, it’s the same God, by whatever name or names or incarnation.  To the extent that a religion reveres the opposite — and preaches a morality driven primarily by selfishness and pride — then no, it doesn’t.

5. How many people have ever seen you dance?
On the one hand, probably too many.  On the other hand, probably not nearly enough.

I need to go dancing some more.

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