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I’ve just added a new free story to my site:  "Fookin’ Britches".  This was me trying to write an "epiphany story", just like the ones James Joyce wrote in his collection Dubliners, because every writer wants to emulate James Joyce at some point or anything.  I think this is a pretty good story, but it’s another one, like "Four Ways of Counting Blackbirds", which, because of its length (flash) and subject matter (non-genre) will probably never find a home that both pays and has a decent readership.  So I’m putting this one up on line and hoping that people will enjoy it and spread it around.

As before, if you enjoy this story (or any of the stories I have online), please mention them in your own blog.  Thanks.

(And, of course, there’s "Little Fluffy Wiggletoes", which always seems to be the most popular story of mine. Go figure.)

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