The Bard is Timeless

What if Richard III had access to the Internet?  What would he blog (or vlog) about?

One of the reasons why Shakespeare will always be popular is that his characters are essentially timeless.  Romeo and Juliet succeeds not just because it’s a great story, full of drama and romance and what-not, but also because every teenager in love has thought that they, like Romeo and Juliet, were the very first ones ever to feel as they do.  And Richard III succeeds because he, like a million others, is a freakin’ drama queen, and their type will always be with us, as the portrayal below demonstrates:

As portrayed by my very funny and talented friend Ed Gyles Jr.  Who, by the way, deserves congratulations and accolades for having been selected to be one of the founding members of the ComedySportz improv troupe in Sacramento.

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