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Results of a Steampunk Fashion Quiz behind the cut:

Your result for The Steampunk Style Test…

The Explorer

29% Elegant, 59% Technological, 43% Historical, 64% Adventurous and 14% Playful!

You are the Explorer, the embodiment of steampunk’s adventuring spirit. For you, clothing should be rugged and reliable, and just as functional as it is attractive. You probably prefer khaki or leather, and your accessories are as likely to include weapons as technological gizmos. You probably wear boots and gloves, and maybe a pith helmet. Most of what you wear is functional, and if you happen to wear goggles people had better believe that you use them. In addition to Victorian exploration gear, your outfit probably includes little knickknacks from your various travels. Above all, you are a charming blend of rugged Victorian daring and exotic curiosity.

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I actually don’t know all that much about steampunk. What little I’ve read is enjoyable, and I like the aesthetic, and I’ve created a couple of fantasy setting for my D&D games that were probably steampunk, but I’ll probably never be comfortable doing a steampunk LARP at a con or something like that.

Maybe I should try my hand at it. See what all the fuss it.

Thanks to for the heads-up.

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