Daleks everywhere

Another thing I’ve never made a secret of is my fondness for the British science fiction show Doctor Who. It’s a cheesy show, filled with great villains and monsters and aliens; and the Doctor himself is just so much fun (especially as portrayed by David Tennant).

One of my favorite villainous races in Doctor Who are the Daleks. Created thousands of years ago by a mad scientist (or possibly they evolved — there are two distinct origin stories for the Daleks in the Doctor Who universe), the Daleks swarm the Universe, destroying everything in their path so that they one day become the only life form in existence. Not afraid to think big, these Daleks.

Of course, because the budget for building sets for science fiction shows in the BBC in the 20th century was pretty much nil, a lot of the Dalek stories took place on Earth, and were filmed… Well, here on Earth. Apparently at one point during the 1980’s, some of the Dalek props were just tossed into a local pond after the filming of the episode, and were recently uncovered. And here’s a photograph of a recent removal of one of these props:

Dalek in Pond
Dalek in Pond

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To anyone at all familiar with the series, this is a dramatically eerie picture.

Of course to a guy like me, who is a twelve-year-old boy stuck in a grown-up body, this is every kind of awesome there is.

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Christopher Moore showing up near me

Chrisopher Moore is the author of Lamb, Fluke, Bloodsucking Fiends, A Dirty Job, and many other brilliant works. He has also been one of the most prominent influences on my own writing, though I ask that you not hold that against him.

And, according to his website, he will be appearing at Copperfield’s Books in Petaluma, California, on Friday, March 27, to promote his newest book, Fool. I’ve seen him before, at that very same venue, and he’s a very funny and intelligent guy.

So I certainly intend to see him again. Anyone local to me want to come along?