Twitterspawn for 2009-03-27

  • Oooh! Killer doppelgangers in this movie! #
  • Drinking Zin and watching a really awful horror movie. #
  • Slept in on my day off. Bleary eyed but up and drinking coffee now. #
  • How to spot a Twitter user with an “enhanced” follower count: #
  • Going to see Christopher Moore (who ought to get himself on Twitter) tonight in Petaluma. #
  • It’s after noon. I suppose I ought to eat something. #
  • Neat people I follow: @jennyjenjen @papabean @uriel1998 @mfeathers @queenkv @discorobot @upwithgravity @renoir_girl @jenipurr #followfriday #
  • Having fun constructing a psychosis that would explain events in a friend’s novel. #
  • Watching Christopher Moore speak. The man defines awesome. #
  • Christopher Moore time is over. Sigh. Time for Thai food with a buddy. #

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