Let's hear it for Iowa

Iowa court says gay marriage ban unconstitutional

It’s funny, because these things usually start out in California and move east. But this time California went stupid and decided that majority rule was enough to strike down something that the state’s Supreme Court had ruled was a right protected by the state’s Constitution, an action that violates one of the basic principles that the United States is based upon. Left up to majority rule, many of the rights that minorities in the United States now enjoy would not even exist. Remember that when President Obama was born, his parents’ marriage was illegal in many states until the Supreme Court ruled that bans against interracial marriage were unconstitutional.

The California Supreme Court is currently reviewing the legality of Proposition 8. I’m not a lawyer, but in my opinion, the passage of Proposition 8 was in violation of the state’s constitution, since overturning the State’s Supreme Court on an issue of protected rights requires, according to the law, a supermajority(two-thirds) to pass instead of a simple majority. Let’s hope that they do the right thing and let the rule of law prevail over fear and prejudice.

Indulging my vanity, part two

I’m not at all afraid to promote myself, nor to promote the fact that Shimmer magazine interviewed me. I suppose, however, that if I were a more aggressive self promoter, I’d be going out and forcing myself onto the set of Oprah or The Daily Show and getting myself arrested, on the theory that any publicity is good publicity. Alas, I have a job and can’t afford to take time off from it for jail time.

Shimmer magazine’s interview with Richard S. Crawford

Twitterspawn for 2009-04-02

  • Atlas Shrugged: The Movie would have to be a trilogy, with pts 2 & 3 devoted entirely to John Galt’s speech. #
  • I was wrong re: an Atlas Shrugged trilogy. Part 2 is Galt’s speech; Part 3 is 3 hours of Ayn Rand congratulating herself. Abridged. #
  • Rebuilding our tech/admin support request functionality. Whee. #
  • Michelle Obama is fashionable, to be sure, but she’s a kick-ass lawyer and fiercely intelligent as well. I wish the media would get that. #
  • A big ol’ howdy to @jennyjewell #
  • Our bank allows us to customize our replacement ATM cards with photos for free. So my next ATM card will have a picture of a kitten on it. #
  • BP 121/64. My doctor will be pleased. #
  • Subtlety, thy name is not cat. #

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Twitterspawn for 2009-04-01

  • Hey, all. I’m too lazy to come up with a cool AFD prank, so please prank yourselves and credit me with all subsequent hilarity #
  • My heart’s all a-thud with anticipation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-rUTlQPm4o #
  • Home with a horrific headache. Stupid head. Is my brain compatible with my new OS? #
  • Listening to “Bounty Hunter” by Thik Orng. If you don’t know this band, then you’re even more pathetic than if you don’t know Token Yoko. #

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Indulging my vanity

While browsing through my hard drive today trying to ignore this stupid headache (which has, at least, responded to a bit of directed meditation), I came across an interview I did with Insight, a local news radio show aired by Capitol Public Radio, Sacramento’s NPR affiliate. I’d love to say that the interview was a detailed insight into my creative processes and a must-listen for anyone who wants to know the Full And Complete Story Of Famous Author Richard S. Crawford, but it’s actually a story they aired on November 30, 2006 about National Novel Writing Month. Still, in case you want to hear the sound of my voice and want to hear what I’d be like reading an excerpt of one of my own novels (specifically, The Return of Deacon Dread, which honestly has yet to see the light of my green editing pen), please give it a listen.