Fuzzy Nation

This little chowderhead is Filch, and he’s about five and a half weeks old. I like this picture, because, well, I like kitten closeups. I just wish I’d gotten him to look directly at the camera. But he’s young so he moves around a LOT.

This is his sister Misdemeanor — Missy, Misty, or Miss-D for short. I think she looks kind of grumpy in this picture, don’t you? She’s not normally a grumpus, though. She was just kind of sleepy when I took this picture. Well, also the kittens had just gotten their first vaccines, and had blood drawn, and their momma cat had gone away. So yeah, I guess they had a right to be grumpy.

These two critters (and their brother Pilfer, whom I did not get a good picture of this morning) are current fosters of ours. Their momma kitty, Carmen (as in Sandiego), went back to her own home yesterday, so these three have been successfully weaned and are living wild and free on their own. I feel like it’s sad to let three kittens be on their own when their momma cat moves away, but that’s the way of cats in the world, and these three guys will be just fine.

In other news, we picked up our new (to us) car last night. We bought it online through CarMax, because we did not want to have to fuss with salespeople trying their hardest to upsell us to features we don’t want or need in a car. Heated side mirrors! Built-in GPS (which we’d never use because we have Google Maps on our phones)! Etc.! No, we knew what features we wanted, and shopped around on the CarMax website until we found the one we wanted, and arranged to buy it. We only got the one car; we’re going to try being a one-car household for awhile. Right now, we’re both working at home 100% anyway, we hardly go anywhere, and even when I am commuting to work, my commute is only six miles which takes me twenty minutes on a bad day.

CarMax did not hardsell anything to us aside from additional warranties, which we expected. So that was fine.

All in all, not a bad time was had yesterday (except, perhaps, by the kittens).


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