Day Six: Equipping for the Journey

In today’s segment of the adventure, Pancake the Penguin gets her backpack for the key. The packet contained a piece of cardstock with four paper backpacks attached. Here you see the selection:

Piece of cardstock with paper backpacks attached

There’s one missing here, because by the time I’d thought to take a picture of the Penguin Outback Store, I had already selected and removed the green one, green being my favorite color. The idea is that you put the backpack on Pancake the Penguin, then insert the key (that we got on Day Four) into it. Here’s Pancake with her backpack and key:

Forgive the lighting. It’s terrible. It’s my own fault.

I loved backpacks when I was in high school and college, and would take my own sweet time when shopping for one for the school year. I was never really into outdoor backpacking as an activity (I’ve only gone once, at Lassen Park, and that was quite a fun adventure which I will discuss in another post), so the backpacks I bought were mostly for school use. Now I just have a Josten backpack that I bought at Target for about $20 five years or so ago. It doesn’t get much use since I’m no longer in college and I work at home. It’s a good workhorse, though.

But look at me still talking about backpacks when you want to learn more about Pancake’s journey. Sorry for the digression.

I think it’s unfair that Pep doesn’t get a backpack. And tomorrow’s adventure explains why I think that way.

Setting out on an adventure for Holidailies 2022!

Today’s Advent reading from the Episcopal Advent Calendar (focusing on the Learn segment of the Way of Love) is, “Read Luke 1:45. Share your faith story with one new person this week. It can be someone you have known for a while who has not heard the faith part of your story. Well, I feel like I’ve already done this: see Happy Zombie Jesus Day Part One and Part Two. You’re more than welcome to click through and read.

I feel like I ought to contribute more to our community. Sacramento’s a big city, and with a big city there are Big Problems. So I contacted the coordinator of the Sacramento ACT organization which works with Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, and got an email back last night. I will get back in touch and see if I can get involved there.

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