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Little Fluffy Wiggletoes Lives!

Just so you know, I’ve finally put “Little Fluffy Wiggletoes” up on this site.

For some reason, Little Fluffy Wiggletoes is one of my more popular creations. I’m sure I don’t know why. At any rate, I did write a few sequels to this story, and I plan on putting them online as soon as they undergo the necessary revisions.

Enjoy! But beware that this story contains content that is not safe for work, nor for children. Consider it rated R.


A Contest, Won!

To be honest, I’d forgotten that I’d entered the WritersWeekly Fall 2007 Short Story Contest.  I’d entered as a lark, a way to spend a weekend in solidarity with my friend Ray Solberg and her friend John Goodrich.  It was fun, but I thought my story, "In the Living Room, a Painting", was rather weak despite claims from many of my writer buddies that it was quite good and captured well that combination of horror and humor at which I’m apparently very talented.

So it came as a surprise to me when I received an email today informing me that my story had tied for third place in the contest!  Forget the prizes (well, I’ll happily take the check!).  It’s exciting just to have won a contest for my writing.

The winning story has been published on the WritersWeekly website, here, and is also available on my personal website, here.

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