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An Intangible Crossing

About three weeks ago I sent my short story “Tumbleweeds” off to Weird Tales in the hopes that they’ll agree with me that it’s suitable for publication there. Last night, I dreamt that they sent the manuscript back to me, along with a contract and a check for $1,000. I like pleasant dreams like that.

What sucked was this: I remember thinking how great it all was, how excited I was to have made my first professional sale, how I was planning on telling my friends and family (heck, I was already composing a message to post to this blog), when I suddenly realized that I’d been awake for several minutes. I’d crossed that line between dreaming and consciousness without even realizing it. My heart just about broke.

Ah, well.  Off now to pick up my jacket for tomorrow’s performance and to spend a little time at the Middle Earth Festival in Vacaville.