I find myself stuck between writing projects. I’m progressing just fine on my short story “The X of Doom” — it’s got pirates in it! — but I’m having a hard time deciding what my next novel project should be. Here are my options, and I’m leaving it up to you, my faithful readers, to help me decide:

  • Code Monkey! is the story of a computer programmer who gets embroiled in amazing adventures when he finally works up the nerve to ask out the pretty receptionist in his office. This one exists as a zeroth level draft already, but needs quite a bit of work.
  • Padma is about a young woman who has visions about the end of the world. I’ve written an outline and a couple of scenes, but the amount of research I would need to do to write this one is daunting.
  • Iron Horse Apocalypse is about dark wizardry on a runaway train. This one also exists as a zeroth level draft.

Which one of these sounds the most intriguing to you? They all sound intriguing to me, and I’m afraid my energy, so to speak, is drawn to each of them.

Your input, dear readers, would be much appreciated.