Bragging Rights

It’s very hard to go through life sometimes and not feel overly proud of yourself. I’ve managed to accomplish quite a few things in my life that I’m pretty proud of, even if it has been awhile since I’ve done anything that is very exciting. But some recent developments in my life have really made me start to swell.

First of all, the whole "Zero to Hero" program I’ve started for myself seems to be working out very well (did I once write that I would do weekly updates on that? Obviously, I meant "Never", not "Weekly"). Since March 17, I’ve lost twenty-five pounds, which is more than halfway towards my long-term weight loss goal. More importantly, though, are the lowered blood pressure, the increased lung capacity, the increased endurance, the decreased resting heart rate. On the other hand, there is a downside: apparently, some of the fat that I used to carry around on my body helped cushion my oddly-shaped shoulder bones (yes, they’re oddly-shaped; confirmed by an orthopedist I saw for the pain), so my right shoulder has developed an impingement… which means that it hurts. A lot. For no very good reason at all. Fortunately, physical therapy begins next week, and this will hopefully clear up in a couple of months.

Second, I’ve got very good reason to believe that my employment situation will be changing for the drastically better within the next two weeks. I won’t go into details here until I find out for sure, but suffice to say that the new job I believe I’ll be starting very soon will be well on the way to my long-term career goals, and with a significant pay increase, to boot. What’s so special about that? For me, it’s that this will be the first job that I did not "fall into". All of the jobs I’ve held in the past I’ve gotten simply because I wanted a job and took whatever decent offer came along; I’m convinced, in fact, that many of my peers operate the same way when it comes to job hunting. This is the first time that I’ve made a definite decision about where I want to go, career-wise, and actively pursued — and gotten — a job that was in line with that direction. I’m quite well on my way to becoming the web developer that I want to be, and I feel good about that.

Special mention should be made here, I think, to acknowledge my current job situation. No, it isn’t where I want to be. But I have gained an incredible amount respect for the manager that I work for, who has been willing to work with me to find me a better work situation. In a way, I will be sorry to leave my current position; after everything that’s gone on over the past few months, I’ve reached a point where I can appreciate how fortunate I am to have the boss that I have; but, honestly, I can’t remain in my position, since it isn’t the kind of work that I enjoy doing, so I won’t be happy doing it. But even if this current opportunity doesn’t pan out, I will still feel much better about my current position, and I have ideas for some great contributions I can make.

So there you go. Bragging rights.

On a completely different topic, I just want to mention that the engagement photos are in. Here is a (bad) scan of the picture; Jennifer’s the attractive one on the left. So the last thing that I have to brag about is that I get to marry this incredible woman, who is absolutely the best thing that has ever happened to me. I want to say how proud I am of her, without sounding either condescending (as in, "Isn’t it great how Our Little Jennifer did that?") or self-aggrandizing (as in, "Yo! Check out this hot babe I just landed!"). I’m not sure I can, though; so I’ll simply say there that when Jennifer and I were simply friends, I was very proud to have her as a friend. Now that we’re engaged, that feeling has naturally multiplied a hundred-fold.

There is much more cause for a swelling of pride in our lives; but I’ll write more about that in my next journal entry, since this entry is about me, and the next one won’t be.

Finally, to you, Constant Reader: I know you’re out there. I know you lurk. I have a tracker installed, and I can recognize certain IP addresses. I know who you are and what kind of car you drive. So sign my guestbook, darn it!

Until next time…

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