Not much to say tonight, but that has never really stopped me from saying anything before.

Jennifer and I went out yesterday and picked up the Christmas gift that we’d decided to give to each other: a Playstation 2 game system. We’d been having so much fun plugging zombies in House of the Dead on our Dreamcast that we figured we really ought to try playing Resident Evil. Unfortuantely, that game doesn’t come for Dreamcast, so we had to buy the Playstation. It was required. It’s a function of our geek heritage. Our bloodline. It’s an ancient tradition passed down from the Old Country.

And in addition to the game system, we bought three games: Resident Evil: Code Veronica X; Half Life; and Heroes of Might and Magic. We’ve been having fun wandering through Resident Evil, me guiding the gun while Jennifer maps and helps me figure out clues, shooting plenty of zombies in the wake. We tried Half Life yesterday, but Jennifer got frustrated with the controller and we were really in a zombie-shooting mood, so we quit that game quickly. We haven’t tried Heroes of Might and Magic yet.

We spent something like five hours on Resident Evil today. FIve hours. I have never played a game that long before; usually my short attention span won’t let me. I’ll be in the middle of killing a zombie and then notice that there’s a bird outside the window and get distracted by that for awhile, then pet a cat, then read a book, then play on my computer, then realize, “Oh! That zombie was about to eat me, wasn’t it?” Most of the time, these days, I don’t even bother getting started with the games.

Christmas is almost here. I tease Jennifer because she’s like a little kid. “Can we open our presents now? Please? Pretty please? Just one? Then how about just our stocking stuffers?” I’m just as bad, but I know that it’s best to wait. Otherwise, there won’t be any presents to open on Christmas morning, and I’ll be all glum and depressed because everyone else has presents but me. I’ve been there before. It’s not a pretty site.

And in other news, I finally got around to updating my Library page. There’sa place there where I can be really pretentious and pretend I know what I’m talking about when I review books. You should check it out.

Thanks for your attention, folks. Have a good night.