Writing update #3

Sadly, I got no writing done today. I was at work today, where, strangely, I focused on work. After that I went home for a couple of hours, ate dinner and relaxed, and then attended the town Library Commission meeeting, since I am a member of the Library Commission. At the Library Commission we took up the issue of the library’s new facility, which is an issue we’ve been working on ever since I joined over a year ago. Then I came home and fretted about my assignment for my class.

Actually, it occurs to me that even though I got no work done on either “The Winds of Patwin County” or The Outer Darkness outline, I did do a significant amount of writing. My previous journal entry measures at just about 1400 words, and that’s a pretty respectable amount for a non-NaNoWriMo time period. And that’s the point. The words just need to make it out of my head and into some tangible form somehow. And today I guess they did after all.

On a whim, I went back to my old journal today and thought that I should update all of my memberships in all of those webrings and burbs that were set up so that all of the online diarists could see who else was out there being vain and pretentious. I found, to my surprise, that ALL of them are defunct. Well, not all of them. But the ones that aren’t defunct had apparently dropped my membership some time ago, which explains the serious drop in traffic a few months ago. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. But I like to be noticed.

I think for now, though, I’ll settle for cross-posting these journal entries to my Livejournal, and counting on other people to read my journal and say, “Good heavens, there’s a smart fellow, we should bookmark him and read him more often.”

Yeah. That’s what’ll happen.

[Administrative note: I decided to disable my guestbook, by the way. It has only been receiving spam for a couple of years now, which is pretty useless. Individual comments on my journal entries seem to be more par for the course anyway.]

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