Just a Day in My Life

The Not-a-schmuck report, #2

I read this article with interest just now.  It seems that Google, Inc. is hiring on Dr. Larry Brilliant, a fellow who made a name for himself by helping WHO eradicate smallpox and by establishing the Seva Foundation to help blind people in developing nations regain their sight.  Their reason for doing this?  They want to form a philanthropic arm of Google, called Google.org, which will be charged with spending $1.1 billion dollars on philanthropic and charitable causes throughout the world.  Sergay and Brin, the founders of Google, say they want to “make s social impact that will eventually ‘eclipse Google itself’ by tackling the world’s problems.”  Brilliant is a physician and epidemiologist who is also known as a tech visionary.

I’ve always been a fan of Google, not just for the quality of their search engine but also because of the way they do business.  I’m a bit wary of their choice to censor search results in China, but I can see how it makes good business sense for them.   I hope that they succeed in the goal that they’ve stated above.

So, for that reason, I’ve concluded that Google is not run by schmucks.