Random Notes of No Import

  • Went to the dentist today for a cleaning. Instead of a cleaning, he found three cavities and an old filling that needs to be replaced. I don’t mind all that much, I suppose; at least I don’t need any more root canals (I had one about ten years ago; and while it wasn’t pleasant, at least the surgeon wore a low-cut top and a push-up bra, and she may even have been competent, I’ll never know). So on Friday at noon, I’m going in to get three cavities filled, and he’ll clean my teeth while he’s at it. The dentist also said I have mild gingivitis, but it’s reversible. And he gave me a refresher course on how to brush my teeth. When the receptionist said, apologitecally said that it would cost nearly $170 for the fillings, I shrugged and said it was my own damn fault for not brushing my teeth properly.
  • According to my records, Weird Tales has had my short story “Tumbleweeds” for eleven weeks now; according to their market listing, their average response time is six to ten weeks, and in my experience more like three or four. I’m avoiding getting too optimistic, but I think it might be a good sign, and it’s a darn good story, too. Or maybe the editorial team is passing it around amongst themselves laughing at it. You never know.
  • Let no one ever tell you that working with Oracle software is fun. It isn’t.
  • About a year ago I learned that you can really show your devotion to your church by spending hours on its roof spreading sealant in the hot sun and injuring your back in the process (I’m convinced that part of the cause of my costal chondritis is that). This year I learned you can do it merely by having an asthma attack while washing the walls in the fellowship hall in preparation for painting them. Damn asthma. I really, honestly thought I was over this; I guess I’m not that lucky. I did some research today about airway remodeling, since that’s been going on in my lungs, and apparently, contrary to expectation, the jury’s still out on whether airway remodeling is a good thing or a bad thing. I have no idea how it could be a good thing. I plan on asking my doctor when I see him next.
  • I’ll be at Dragon*Con this year in September in Atlanta, in case the one or two readers of my regular journal didn’t know that. If you’ll be there and I haven’t already made plans to have lunch or coffee with you, let me know.
  • That’s all for now. Back to your regularly scheduled banality.