In, out, in, out…

Today we’re cleaning up the house, getting it ready to show to prospective buyers.  Our office has been purged of about six years’ worth of detritus, and all my cool toys have been packed away as well as about nine linear feet of bookshelf space and eleven or so linear feet of books.

It just doesn’t feel like home anymore.  It’s too… clean.

Moved lots of stuff to the garage, which is going to be our staging area for the move, of course.  At some point we’ll fill up our garage to the point where we can no longer park both cars in it, but that’s okay.  My car’s pretty trashed anyway.  It can live outside.

So, getting a lot of stuff moved out of the office and computer room and library, ready to move in to a new house (here’s hoping).

In the meantime, in spite of all the moving around and the lifting and the shifting and all the resultant dust and airborne debris, you know what I haven’t had to use?  Neither my nebulizer nor my inhaler.  That’s what.  Air’s moving in and out pretty freely today.  There’s a very slight twinge and tickle deep in my bronchial tubes when I inhale very deeply, but nothing that’s threatening to turn into a wheeze or a hacking cough.

This is a weird feeling.

And in sad, sad, very sad news…

The Dixon Highland Games are no more.  The venue managers at Mayfair have raised the rates to prohibitive levels; several events, such as Lambtown, have had to relocate.  The Dixon Games had arranged to relocate to the Travis Credit Union Park in Vacaville, but now that venue will be closing down at the end of this month.

It’s possible that the Travis Credit Union Park will still honor its contract with the Dixon Scottish Cultural Association for September, but don’t hold your breath. 🙁

A sad, sad, day indeed.

For us, though, moving to Sacramento means more easy access to cool events like this.  That’s one of the many reasons I’m looking forward to the move.

And oh yeah, there is a Highland Games going on in Woodland today.  I completely forgot about that.  Dangit, why do I always remember these things when it’s too late?