An Irreverent Easter

Yesterday I found, via Chaos Theory, I found an article in Salon where Jesus was referred to as a "Drama Queen".  Being a good American in Bush’s America, I thought it prudent to be outraged at the characterization before I went ahead and, you know, actually read the article.*  So I thought to myself, "Jesus? A drama queen?  How outrageous!  The irreverence!  Oh my, I may just fall over faint with moral outrage!  My poor sensitivities!"

Then I remembered that Easter is when I wish my friends and family, "Happy Zombie Jesus Day!"  It’s hard for me to say outraged by the irreverence when I do that.

* The article in question is about a woman searching for a way to define her faith in the midst of doubt and depression.  It’s actually very good, and I highly recommend it.