One of the villains in The Solitude of the Tentacled Space Monster is a professor of antiquities who, as a hobby, has applied his knowledge of dark and arcane secrets to many different fields of human knowledge.  Among the books he has written are these:

  • Agrinomicon. Summonings, dominations, and banishments meant to increase your tomato yield.
  • Technonomicon.  Although the professor is a self-professed Luddite, he still finds a need to use Google, Wikipedia, and other online resources.  This book contains spells and access codes to the Gates that lead to the virtual resources he needs.
  • Fashiononicon.  The dark secrets of the greats in fashion design.  Do you think all those celebrities created those lines of clothing on their own?  No, my friends, they had Outside Help.
  • Kamasutranomicon.  Probably best if we didn’t go too deeply into this one, though it is the only known work which contains a spell for summoning the dreaded Snoggoth.

If you were going to write a Dread Tome that merged ancient dark secrets of the universe with modern knowledge, what would you write?  Give me your title and a brief description.  I’m just curious.

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