Expand the Boycott!

Apparently McDonald’s is under boycott for “supporting the gay agenda” by having representatives on the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. I support the right of people to boycott McDonald’s for this reason if they so choose, but, as usual, the forces behind the boycott are being hypocrites and inconsistent. Ed Brayton over at Dispatches from the Culture Wars has compiled a helpful list of companies and corporations that also “support the gay agenda” by having representatives on the NGLCC, or by offering domestic partnership benefits, or any other similar outrages.

These organizations, represented by their logos, are the ones who are actually founding members of the NGLCC (click on the thumbnail for the entire spread):

And these corporations are the lesser offenders, who simply have members on the NGLCC or support the “gay agenda” in other ways:

Again, click on the thumbnail for the full effect. And, of course, neither list is even close to being exhaustive.

As you can see, if you’re going to be consistent and really care about boycotting organizations that support the gay agenda, you have to go all out. It’s like obeying the Ten Commandments; you can’t just obey the ones you find convenient, you have to obey them all or there won’t be any point to any of them.

The best part of encouraging these folks to expand their boycott? Once they decide to be legitimate and consistent, then they’ll no longer be able to use the Internet, since Cisco routers pretty much dominate, and they won’t be able to use any computer with an Intel chip to do so anyway.