Two Rejections in One Day

The editor at Asimov’s Science Fiction rejected “Padma”, saying it was “…sweet and evocative, but… not right for me.” I find that an interesting comment. I’m not sure I would ever describe that story as “Sweet”. Still, kind words, so the story bounces off to another market like a cat I’m trying to shoo from my lap.

Meanwhile, Pseudopod rejected “Night of the Frozen Elf”. In this case the editor said, ” It was well
received by our submissions staff, but I’ve decided not to purchase it because I’m a humbug like that.” I hold no ill will because as an editor myself I understand that being in a humbug sort of mood can be the only reason a story gets rejected. “Night of the Frozen Elf” has also been sent off to a new market. I also sent the editor of Pseudopod a nice thank you note because I was told that it’s the polite thing to do.

So two rejections today. Not particularly great news, but at least they were nice rejections (believe me, I’ve gotten the other kind too). And I’ve got three active submissions right now, but that’s two short of my goal of having five active submissions at all times.

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  1. Keep your chin up man. I have gotten a ton of rejection letters myself but if anything they make those acceptance letters all the sweeter. Let me know where I can read some of your stuff.

  2. Rejection notices are such bittersweet rewards. It sounds like you’re getting somewhat personal notices, so that has to feel better than rubber-stamped-we-didn’t-really-read-it form rejections.

    I wouldn’t know, so I’m simply imagining what it would be like. Never been ballsy enough to submit anything.

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