An infrequent joy

Today I received the galley copy of the Spring 2009  issue of Shimmer, where my short story, “The Bride Price” will be published. Reviewing galleys of published stories is always a joy, one that I don’t get to experience very often. In this case, they did a great job, and I didn’t encounter a single typo or other error, besides some minor confusion regarding the title. The editor has been a delight to work with, as always. Shimmer is a market I highly recommend to my writer friends. And since their submission process includes an anonymizing procedure, I’m not just saying that to suck up to their editorial staff.

At any rate. Here’s hoping I get to experience that joy more often in 2009. I imagine the process of reviewing galleys will become tedious at some point in my writing career; for now, I’m simply going to enjoy it.

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