Challenge me

Several of my Stories of the Week — “Roosterville“, “Sir Reynold Fights Another Ogre“, “Beach Wish“, and “The X of Doom” (both Take One and Take Two) were inspired by suggestions, challenges, or outright dares given to me by different people. I’m always seeking such suggestions, challenges, and dares, so if you have any for me, please let me know. It’s a heck of a lot of fun to come up with ways to incorporate the ideas, and I think that the above stories are some of my favorites, if not my best.

70s PSA

I  love the old Public Service Announcements from the 70s. I remember this one in particular from when I was fourth or fifth grade; it was kind of creepy back then, but now it’s just sort of goofy:

I haven’t really followed through on this, though, so I’m not even sure if the Keene Act is still on the books. Anyone know for sure?

More thoughts behind the cut.

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