Twitterspawn for 2009-04-02

  • Atlas Shrugged: The Movie would have to be a trilogy, with pts 2 & 3 devoted entirely to John Galt’s speech. #
  • I was wrong re: an Atlas Shrugged trilogy. Part 2 is Galt’s speech; Part 3 is 3 hours of Ayn Rand congratulating herself. Abridged. #
  • Rebuilding our tech/admin support request functionality. Whee. #
  • Michelle Obama is fashionable, to be sure, but she’s a kick-ass lawyer and fiercely intelligent as well. I wish the media would get that. #
  • A big ol’ howdy to @jennyjewell #
  • Our bank allows us to customize our replacement ATM cards with photos for free. So my next ATM card will have a picture of a kitten on it. #
  • BP 121/64. My doctor will be pleased. #
  • Subtlety, thy name is not cat. #

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