Twitterthulhu's spawn for 2009-06-04

  • Looking forward to seeing Obama’s Cairo speech on YouTube #
  • Here’s hoping that my friend receives the judicial appointment they’re working for. #
  • Class and test went well. My CPR certification card should show up in the mail in a couple of days. #
  • If only I’d known I was going to need those account creation functions more than once. #
  • RT @uriel1998: British author Jasper Fforde collected 76 rejections before The Eyre Affair was published in 2001. #
  • Dangit, I can’t execute queries against this database today. Yesterday I could just fine. #
  • Whoops. Lost another friend on FaceBook. Am I really that offensive? #
  • Identify this quote, and I’ll promise you a cookie: “Morbo is pleased, but sticky.” #

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