Beta… Gamma… Whatever… Readers Requested

My comedic contemporary fantasy short story “A Pine Romance”, which features the Jersey Devil (pictured to the left), REALLY needs some love. I’ve revised it numerous times in the past 18 months, and I’ve had many people read it. I want to make this story marketable, because I think it’s a good one and has some great elements to it, even if it currently lacks what we writers like to call “cohesion”.

If you’re at all interested, please drop me your email address in the form below or using my “Contact Richard” page (or post a comment on FB or Twitter). Even if you’ve read it before, your additional input would be greatly appreciated. The story in its current incarnation is about 6,000 words long.

Thanks to all!

EDIT: This form was attracting a lot of spam (surprise!). So please indicate your favorite color in the line provided so as to make it clear that you’re a person.

2 thoughts on “Beta… Gamma… Whatever… Readers Requested”

  1. Have you ever tried Critters Workshop? I’ve been using them for getting and giving critiques for a few years now and definitely recommend it. It really helps that they’re all SF/F/H writers. Giving the critiques has probably improved my writing as much as getting them. If you’re interested in learning more, email me.

    1. I’ve definitely heard good things about Critters. I’ve participated in a number of online and offline critique groups, and gotten a lot of valuable knowledge from them.

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