Did I Mention…

…That I have a blog?

Here it is, and you’re reading it! I seem to have neglected it since August, which is five months, which is a long time. My last post, about our cat Nutmeg, was a sad one, and I’ve been reluctant to post since then for some reason.


…That I’m back in library school?

It’s true. I was originally going to library school — the MLIS program at San Jose State University, to be exact — back in the early years of this century, but I’m afraid I burned out and withdrew without notice in 2004. But I’m back now and enjoying it, feeling competent in my classes, and learning a lot. The more I study, the more convinced I am that this is a good fit for an intellectual vagabond like me who has a philosophical bent. I’m taking it nice and slow this time. The only weakness with my plan is that I may not become a librarian before I reach retirement age.

This book, Calling Bullshit: The Art of Skepticism in a Data-Driven World, is one of the books I’ll be reading for my current class, and I’m very much looking forward to it. For a previous course, I created a small website about the “digital divide”, a topic which is near and dear to my heart.

…That Daikaijuzine is back online?

Yep, my online magazine of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and poetry is back online after going into hiatus back in… uh… 2011. It’s back now, with some old friends behind the helm and some new ones as well. Quality fiction of all genres, and quality poetry from luminaries. We’re a (minimally) paying market, though we’re currently closed to submissions (we still have many, many to consider from last year). We are on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook so you can track us down at one of those fine venues.

…That I’m reasonably healthy?

It’s true! No migraines for quite awhile, no other major issues going on. Because of the pandemic, I’ve had very little contact with other people, and it’s been nearly eleven months since I stepped into my office of employment. As a result, I haven’t contracted any colds or bronchial infections for nearly a year. Sure, my allergies kick in from time to time, but that’s because I’m allergic to anything that moves o stands still, including cats. And speaking of cats, did I mention…


…That we’re fostering kittens and cats?

We foster kittens through Happy Tails, a local no-kill cage-free pet sanctuary that does wonderful work. We’ve been doing this, my wife and I, for nigh on to two years now, and we’ve had dozens of kittens and cats come through our home. There’s lots of love and laughter (kittens are cute and fun and full of energy and love!), and some heartbreak (sometimes they don’t make it past a few days), but it’s always rewarding.


…That there was a storm?

Yep, and it was a big ‘un. The wind blew off a huge branch from a tree in front of our house and landed on both our cars (see pictorial evidence below). Sadly, Jennifer’s car (the blue Prius on the left) was totaled, but we’re being compensated for it. My car (the red Prius on the right) will likely be in the shop for a couple of weeks.


And that’s all I got for now.