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“History’s greatest monster”

The other day, on Twitter, author A. Lee Martinez, who has written some of my favorite books (including Gil’s All Fright DinerDivine Misfortune, and Chasing the Moon), called me “history’s greatest monster”:

Mind you, he wasn’t referring to my writing. I doubt he’s read anything of mine, aside from Tweets I’ve sent to him and the occasional email; rather, he was responding to my insistence on using the semicolon in my writing. He had said that his general advice to writers was to avoid the semicolon and to always use the Oxford comma. I responded, “You can have my semicolons when you pry them from my cold, dead, properly punctuated hands.” And it was in response to that that he uttered the epithet.

I was, of course, thrilled. The quote is now on the front page of my website. And I couldn’t help but post it to Facebook and everywhere else I could think of.

History’s greatest monster, indeed. My work here is done.

Fully Degreed

As of today, I have my degree in Horribleness from the University of Evil-Doing. Next up is my application to join the Evil League of Evil.

Behold, and shudder; click on the thumbnail to see my degree in all its horribleness. It’s a great honor, although I think my friend Jeff probably deserves it far more than I.

(Courtesy of this site here.)