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Ways to Spend Money

I’m hoping that soon I will be able to present blog material that isn’t just self promotion… Unfortunately, for the time being, I seem to be utterly uninspired to blog.

So for now, in lieu of actual content, I present three ways that you can spend money. And, of course, they all have to do with my writing.

The first is The Undead That Saved Christmas, a lovely collection of Christmas tales featuring zombies and including my own story “Night of the Frozen Elf”. Honestly, how can you resist? You can purchase a paperback version here, or the Amazon Kindle version here. All proceeds from the sale of this holiday heart-warmer go to the Hugs Foster Family Agency, a great organization that needs money to purchase gifts for foster children.

The second is Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine: Best of Horror 2, which you can purchase here. This collection happily features my short story “A Most Heinous Man”, which was published in Issue #33 of this magazine.

Finally, there’s the Night of Writing Dangerously, a charity event that benefits the Young Writers Program and is presented by the Office of Letters and Light. Jennifer and I need to raise $300 to attend this event, so any donations you can make to the cause would be greatly appreciated. Plus, you can get jam, jelly, pickles, or even a pair of handknit socks! The Office of Letters and Light is a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization, so any donations you make are tax-deductible. You can donate with a credit card by clicking here. Donations of cash and checks are also welcome.

So that’s it for now. Go, spend money. And come back here soon. I promise that someday I will have some interesting content for you.

Passing around the hat


CowboyI’m not entirely sure what I’ll be writing for National Novel Writing Month this year. I have an idea that I want to write an epic fantasy (with cowboys) this year, which is very different from the sort of thing that I usually write. Last year I wrote Code Monkey: A Love Story with Occasional Monsters, which proved to be a big hit, and which I’ve been revising since December with the intention of actually bringing it to publication.

And last year Jennifer and I attended a great event called the Night of Writing Dangerously, an event where writers from all over the world (literally the world: I met people from Canada and Australia last year) get together in San Francisco for a night of epic writing and socializing. It was tremendous fun, but, more importantly, it raised nearly $50,000 for the Office of Letters and Light and its Young Writers Program. With this money, the Young Writers Program provided materials and inspiration to schoolchildren throughout the world to engage in their own works of creative abandon.

So once again we’re raising money for the Office of Letters and Light and their Young Writers Program. Our goal is $300, so that we can attend the Night of Writing Dangerously again. If you donate to my fund, in any amount, I’ll name a character in my novel after you (or someone else you might like to have honored in this way), and perhaps even incorporate a magical device of your choosing. It’s a fun challenge for me, and a great way to earn yourself a few milliseconds of fame in a web-accessible novel of dubious quality. Plus, I’ll be posting the novel online as I write it, so you can see your scene as it is written (I’ll be sure to drop you a line when it comes up).

But that’s not all!

This year, we’re offering SPECIAL GIFTS for donors! Just like NPR! How cool are we? Here’s what you can get:

  • The first six people who donate $25 get a 1/2 pint jar of homemade jam (your choice of strawberry, cinnamon peach, vanilla peach) or apple butter (requires extra time) or spiced plum (also requires some extra time). The apple butter and spiced plum jam take a little extra time because we have to make them.
  • The first six people who donate $50 get a pint jar of homemade pickles (your choice of dill spears, dill slices, sweet relish).
  • The first person who donates $100 gets a pair of handknit socks (color and size to be coordinated with Jennifer).

These aren’t cumulative. We’re not THAT cool.

So what do you say?

Help us out? And in doing so, help out the Office of Letters and Light and the great work that they do.

To donate, click here, then click on the button that says “Sponsor Us”.