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Halloween Decorations

Today we finally went to the Halloween store that my friend Kent manages and picked up some minor decorations for our house.  Jennifer wanted subtle.  I wanted a full on graveyard, with skeletons popping out of the ground and ghosts flying around.  Eventually we compromised and picked up a graveyard kit and some cheesy plastic fencing.  We set up our little graveyard in our front yard, near the steps.  Here are some pictures (click on the thumbnails for the larger version):

Graveyard 1

…and another picture from a slightly elevated angle so you can see some more of the details:

Graveyard 2

I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  I didn’t even try to push for a pirate cemetery theme.  I like it, though; I think it definitely says, "Hey, there’s a horror writer living in this house, wouldn’t you like to go up and meet him?"  And I really think we ought to invest in a light or something to hide under the stairs that would illuminate the little graveyard just a little bit at night.

I still don’t know for sure why the Lightbox script isn’t working properly on my website; it works fine on the front page, but not on any of the blog pages.  I suspect it’s because I’ve got so much CSS stuff going on, the poor little lightbox script is just getting confused.

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