Bush Could Learn from Clinton

In Scandalous Times, Bush Could Learn from Clinton

From the above referenced article: “With the White House shrouded in scandal, the biggest obstacle to George W. Bush’s political comeback is that he’s no Bill Clinton.” I find this amusing in light of the fact that part of his campaign presentation in 2000 was that he wasn’t Bill Clinton.

The article’s worth a read, I think. It points out that it wasn’t just the fact that Clinton’s agenda was less self-serving than Bush’s that made the Lewinsky scandal easier for the American public to bear; it’s also the fact that the public in general had an extremely positive perception, overall, of the economy in the late days of his administration. Because the public’s perception of the current economy is not so positive (when middle class workers are still not getting lots of jobs and their health insurance rates are skyrocketing, it’s hard for them to feel like the economy is surging), the web of scandal surrounding the current Administration is harder to swallow.

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