Writing Progress

So far, 4,133 words have been added to The Solitude of the Tentacled Space Monster.  I wish I could say that was me flailing at the keyboard at a truly superhuman rate, but the truth is that most — in fact, about 95% — of these words were just copied and pasted from an earlier draft.  I was reading some of the older draft and I realized that there’s a lot of good stuff in there, and it’s kind of silly to just dump it.

There’s still no way I’m going to meet the August 31 deadline I had set myself for this draft.  Even with today’s additions, I’m still about 68,000 words behind.  Not entirely impossible to hit that, but not real easy, either.

Fantasy Market Note

A quick note to all you fantasists out there.  The fantasy podcast magazine PodCastle, sister podcast to Escape Pod and Pseudopod, is now accepting submissions for fantasy fiction.  If you got anything, I suggest sending it there.  Because it’s associated with Escape Pod, it’s already got an established audience of appreciative listeners.  First up, I understand, is a short story by Cat Rambo, whom I believe I met at DragonCon last year.

Their submission guidelines are here.

Anyway.  Check it out.  Looks good.