Another Sweaty Day

The Floor of Doom is progressing.  We have laid the laminate flooring in most of the downstairs area (there remains a 3′ by 3′ square patch at the end of the hallway near the laundry room where we have to put down the transitional strip first, and I am no more excited about drilling holes into the concrete slab than I was before).  But we figured that since almost all the rest is done, we could at least lay down the quarter round so that where the floor meets the wall it won’t look so ragged.

So armed with my father-in-law’s air compressor and nail gun, I took today off work to do just that.  So far, I’ve laid the quarter round in the guest room and in the walk in closet.  It’s actually pretty easy.  I’ve never been good at taking accurate measurements, though (which is why I’m a web developer instead of a construction worker, I guess), so there are some small gaps in some of the corners, but I figure painter’s putty can take care of those.  There is also that strange room, which we call the "round room", which is more hexagonal than round in shape.  I’m not looking forward to laying the quarter round in that room, though I did buy a protractor (I haven’t owned one since I was in elementary school!) to help us measure the angles.  That should help.

The two rooms where I have laid it down actually look finished.  There’s still work to do — like the tiny little gaps in the flooring around the doorjambs because we have no idea what we’re supposed to do with them — but the rooms are finally starting to look like actual completed rooms.