The Loss of Rhyme and Reason

Missing Dragon We’re not all about the cats at our house.  We’re also into dragons and gargoyles.  In fact, when we built our house in Dixon, we had two concrete "arms" set in front of the front porch specifically so we could place our two beautiful stone dragons (see the photograph of one of them to the left), which we had named "Rhyme" and "Reason", on them.  We loved these dragons; we got one at the Scottish Games in Woodland the year before we were married, and the other at Evangeline in Old Sacramento shortly after we were married.  When we moved, we tried to figure out a nice place for these two dragons.  There was no banister or post for them; eventually we settled on simply placing them on the ground at the base of the stairs.

Yesterday, when Jennifer came home from work, the first thing she asked me was, "Where are Rhyme and Reason?"

I went out to look; and yep, Rhyme and Reason were both gone.  They had been stolen from right in front of our house.  This is depressing not just because these are two very beautiful carved dragons, but also because they symbolize, to me, our relationship and our marriage.  They’re two of the very first things that Jennifer and I bought together with the specific idea that they’d go with the house.  For six years they sat unmolested in front of our house in Dixon; I guess I’d forgotten that they might be attractive to other people as well.

Ah, well.  If you have word on this dragon-napping, drop me a line.