Do Not Taunt Happy Fun Ball

  • Even though our homeowner’s insurance will very likely cover the cost of our stolen bicycles, we went ahead and bought me a cheap bike at Target today so that I can still get to work until we get our replacement bikes.  Cheap bikes at Target are not as cheap as I remember them being; I remember when they were less than $80, but we spent about $140 on this one.  Ugh.  We also had our regular handyman come out to look at the back fence and at the carriage house to shore them up and make them more secure.  Just so this doesn’t happen again.
  • The Floor of Doom is mostly done; have I mentioned that?  Last week we finished laying the laminate in the last few places it needed, then we also borrowed my father in law’s air compressor and nail gun and used those to lay the quarter round around the base of the walls.  First of all, playing with a nail gun is a hell of a lot of fun!  Second of all, it’s amazing how much more finished the floors look.  We’ve still got some bits around the door jambs to finish up, and a couple of transition strips, but we’re happy calling the floor done anyway.
  • real men eat lutefiskDid I mention that we recently found a store nearby where we can buy lutefisk?  No?  Well, we recently found a store nearby where we can buy lutefisk.  It comes frozen, in a bag, and you can microwave it.  Because nothing says Scandinavian gourmet like the smell of microwaved fish jelly.  Personally, I can’t really conceive of any good reason for us to buy lutefisk except perhaps to simply impress people by saying, "We have lutefisk in our freezer!  Are we the coolest kids on the block or what?"  Also, if we had lutefisk in our freezer, I could invite my father over and he and I could dare each other to eat it (this is how I ended up eating a cinnamon roll dipped in barbecue sauce once about six years ago).  Also, I think you can buy head cheese at the same store.  But you can’t buy haggis, which is truly a shame.  I still have to go to Dixon to buy haggis.
  • I’m up to 77,587 words on The Solitude of the Tentacled Space Monster.  Huzzah!  Of course, I cheated and cut and pasted a good twenty thousand words from an earlier draft.  Still, I’m pretty pleased.  I think I’ve got a good twenty thousand words to go on this draft, and then it will be DONE.  And then I can start plotting out my project for NaNoWriMo 2007 (as if it my novel would stick with any sort of outline anyway).
  • Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.
  • Good night.