Sci Fi Meanderings

Via Slice of Sci Fi, I found a rumor that is bound to upset, shock, and dismay up to half a dozen people worldwide:  Flash Gordon, despite a plan for a two-season arc, will probably not be renewed past the first season on the Sci Fi Channel.  As someone who has seen plenty of my own favorite shows canceled over the years, I would normally offer my condolences to all five members of the show’s loyal fanbase, but in my opinion, there are better things they could be doing with their Friday nights: like, possibly, mulching their yards, sorting their sock drawers, or inserting flaming bamboo shoots underneath their fingernails — very likely a much less painful experience than watching that show.

In other news, tonight is the season finale of season two of Who Wants to be a Superhero?  I stand by my prediction that Hyperstrike will be this year’s winner, but mostly I’m just looking forward to seeing a giant Evil Stan Lee marching through the streets, causing chaos, like an octogenarian Jewish Godzilla.  You just can’t beat that!