Who Wants to be a Superhero (Season 2) – Season Finale

Who Wants to be a Superhero?

And the winner is…

The Defuser!


I’m not disappointed.  He’s a good joe, a straight up guy, and I think it’s cool that a cop won.  I was really rooting for Hygena, but, as I say, I’m not disappointed.  I’m a little surprised, because I was seriously convinced that Hyperstrike was going to win.

I have to say, though, that there’s a little bit of me that feels kind of sorry for him, especially after how the Sci Fi Channel treated Feedback.  The Defuser won.  Yay.  Now he gets a two-minute guest spot in a really bad Sci Fi Channel movie, probably featuring a giant snake (or one of the other plots generated by my Random Sci Fi Channel Movie Generator), which isn’t so much a reward for the contestants as it is an object lesson in not setting your sights too high — or to any height at all.  Just ask Feedback.

More reactions later.  For now, let me just say this: even after tonight’s show, I am STILL not going to watch ECW Raw on the Sci Fi Channel.  Wrestling just doesn’t belong there.

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