Dove Strikes Again

I approve of the "Campaign for Real Beauty" that Dove has initiated, though I find it ironic that Dove is owned by the same company that produces Axe body spray — you know, the ones with the guy who sprays Axe on himself and is instantly surrounded by thin, sexy, overwhelmingly horny women?

At any rate, there’s a new short film from Dove called "Onslaught".  Here it is:

In my own little world, men and women are equal, and men who can’t handle being on an even footing with secure, strong, confident women just aren’t worth having around.  After all, when the zombies and the mad scientists come to take over the world, the ones left alive are going to need all the sharpshooters they can get, regardless of gender.

(Thanks to eternalnomad7 for the heads up.)