Things that Bug Me

Things that bug me:

  1. Oppression bugs me.  Despite all the problems I have with the current Administration, I recognize that I’m damn lucky to live in the US, where (for the most part) the average person can’t get thrown into jail or sent into hiding for blogging against the government’s policies.
  2. Government Orchestrated Murder bugs me.  Hundreds dead in a brutal government crackdown.  That bugs me.
  3. And as if government crackdowns weren’t enough, pre existing brutality bugs me as well.
  4. Ongoing random arrests bug me; hundreds hauled away for "questioning".
  5. Nationwide starvation bugs me.  The poorest are always the ones who suffer, even as food prices soar and a corrupt government siphons off all the nation’s riches for itself.
  6. Violent government response to peaceful protest bugs me.

I’m also bugged by the fact that I can sit here, comfortable in my job and nice home, overwhelmingly wealthy in comparison to most of the rest of the people on the planet, while millions of people worldwide, and not just in Burma, suffer starvation and oppression and violence.

And most of all I’m bugged by the fact that I can’t do a damn thing about any of it, except link to the following website, and hope that somehow my voice can do a tiny little bit of good.

Free Burma!