New stories on my website

I’ve just added a couple of new stories to my website, so please share and enjoy.

First is "writing down some", a story I wrote when I worked at a local newspaper, hating every minute of it, delivering newspapers to the racks and repairing racks whenever they broke down. It really wasn’t that bad a job, but for a first job out of college, it was kind of a disappointment.

Second is a novella called "LTM", which I wrote in 1996. Ah, the mid-90’s. Clinton was President, apocalyptic fervor was rising to new heights with the inevitable breakdown of civilization coming with Y2K, and The X-Files taught a nation to fear the government’s involvement with aliens and black helicopters. Good times. This story is, I admit, cheesy, dated, and in some ways more autobiographical than it probably should be, but I had a blast writing it and plenty of people have enjoyed it. I hope you do too.

Of course I still have "Fookin’ Britches", "Four Ways of Counting Blackbirds", "In the Living Room, a Painting", and "Little Fluffy Wiggletoes" online as well. So feel free to read those if you haven’t already.