Limited horizons

One of the things I really miss about my college days was my near constant exposure to people of other cultures and nations. Within my relatively broad circle of friends I regularly got to hang with people from France, Ethiopia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Ecuador, India, Mexico, and so on. And, of course, there were the regular cultural festivals: the Native American Cultural Days, the Pan-Asian Culture Week, and Black Family Day.

After finishing college I gradually drifted away from all this multicultural awesomeness until my cultural circle became limited to US culture. The low point was living in Dixon, I think, where there was little if anything in the way of multicultural experiences (or of culture, in general; if you wanted live music in Dixon, your options were limited to bikers doing karaoke, or cowboys doing karaoke). I looked forward to our move to Sacramento in the hopes that I’d have more opportunities to explore culture, multi- and otherwise. So far, though, it hasn’t really worked out. Honestly, I’m not even sure how to go about finding such opportunities. I’ve Googled until my Googler’s sore (looking for "cultural diversity", "cultural festivals", and even "foreign language adult classes"), but that doesn’t seem to be working out as a viable approach.

So I’m turning to teh intarwebs for help. If you wanted to go about meeting people from other cultures and learn about them, how would you go about doing that, especially if you’re in the Sacramento-ish area?