Minor Digressions

  • Spam subject line of the day: "Prevent your organism from diseases!" The Dada-esque nature of this subject line is nearly perfect. It almost makes sense on a number of different levels, but once you think you’ve figured it out, you realize that you haven’t gotten it at all. This truly is the Platonic ideal of spam subject lines.
  • Plenty of you already know that my wife and I are having our kitchen from hell remodeled. For updates, including pictures, mosey on over to my wife’s journal, where she’s posting pictures and commentary for your amusement.


California is now the second state in the US to legalize gay marriage.

Today I am damn proud to be a Californian.

Gay sex does squick me out, to be honest. How in the world can anyone, male OR female, find men attractive, let alone find the idea of sex with them at all appealing? Big, sweaty, hairy grunters… I mean, ew. Still, though, that’s my issue, and people all over the world do things that I find squickish. So who cares? That doesn’t mean that they aren’t human beings entitled to the same rights as everyone else.

A review is in

"The Fix", a website that reviews short fiction, has a review of Issue #33 of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. Of "A Most Heinous Man", the reviewer says this:

[The illustration by Lewis Morley] appropriately meshes with the humorously pulpy monster tale by Richard S. Crawford. A bit longer than flash, this fun bit of fiction makes up in character what’s lacking in plot. To tell more would give away what little story there is, but if the family antics of Herman & Lilly or Morticia & Gomez are up your alley, then this will be a delightful read.

Honestly, I’m still working out whether this is a positive or negative review. "Lacking in plot?" Bah. "What little story there is"? Double bah. Still, it is a "fun bit of fiction", and the reviewer at least caught the tone I was shooting for with my story.

Anyway, if you have not yet read this story, then go buy the magazine and read it now.