Some Names…

There are some names that are supposed to last forever. Names that you grow up with, or that come to you at a significant point in your life and change your direction. I remember when I learned that Charles Schultz had died; the guy who had created Peanuts was supposed to last forever because I’d grown up with that comic strip. Ditto with John Denver (and anyone who laughs at me for that is gonna get punched in the mouth — John Denver would have wanted it that way).

I was introduced to George Carlin roughly my first week in college, and his acerbic humor definitely changed the way I looked at things and how I appreciated humor. Sometimes his humor made my laugh hysterically, sometimes It pissed me the hell off, but I figured that was the mark of a comedian who was thoughtful and genuine. Carlin was many things but he wasn’t a fake, not that I could tell.

I don’t know how to properly honor the man, so I’ll just say this: you will be missed, you crotchety and funny old bastard.

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