Twitterthulhu's spawn for 2009-06-02

  • Recommended @thesciphishow to @MrTweet ‘He completely disagrees with me on everything political, but agrees with me…’ #
  • I dislike apps that tweet things for me. Fortunately MrTweet can be told not to do so. #
  • Recommended @TheAuthorGuy to @MrTweet #
  • Last night I dreamed that I got a chance to play Bluto in a movie that rebooted the “Popeye” franchise. What does that mean? #
  • This morning’s earworm: “Defying Gravity” from the “Wicked” soundtrack. #
  • More spam in the Tech Support mailbox. Dear Julian33882, I don’t even *have* boobs. Love, me. #
  • Do you know that I have not once in my professional life given a single PowerPoint presentation? I feel blessed. #
  • Man, I would *hate* to be Governor Schwarzenegger today. #
  • Why I would hate to be Governor Schwarzenegger today: #
  • Summary of Accomplishments time again. Ugh. I hate this time of year. #
  • Dear user: Google is NOT OUT SITE. We can’t help you with Google. No, really. Seriously. Love, Tech Support. #
  • WW: Maintained again this week. Bah. #
  • Let’s hear some good news for a change. Do you have any or have you heard any? Then please share! #

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